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Does Kamal Solar® install Solar Heaters outside Bangalore?

Yes, Kamal Solar® has a wide network of dealers, distributors & authorized service centers across India.

I checked the map but my city was not mentioned in it. How do I know if it is available in my city?

Please fill up the enquiry form, & our area representative will get in touch with you.

How do I know what capacity Solar Water Heater to buy?

Depending on your needs & requirements, our representative will suggest the best Kamal Solar® product to buy.

How about installation & maintenance of the Solar Water Heater?

Our authorized service centers are equipped with the best technicians & genuine spare parts. Any repair will be done as soon as possible.

What if I want to move the Solar water heater to a different location?

You will need to place a shifting order with Kamal Solar® authorized dealer, distributor or service center, & they will do the shifting at a nominal cost. The warranty will be void if an unauthorized person repairs or shifts the water heater.

I have bought a different solar water heater & I want to replace it with Kamal Solar® Water heater. Will Kamal Solar® buy back the old solar water heater?

No. Kamal Solar® will not buy back another company’s solar water heater. We, however will help in disposing of the old solar water heater.

Can I get the Solar Water Heater in installments?

Yes in most cases. Kamal Solar® has a wide range of schemes at various times for the benefit of our customers. Please visit the website often to find out if there’s a scheme that suits you.

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